Best Looking Guy in Singapore

best looking guy in singapore

Who’s the best looking guy in Singapore?

My name is Jonathan and I’m the lead guy at Adscelerate Marketing. Honestly, I don’t think I’m the most handsome guy in Singapore (obviously), but I think I pass. Right?

Take a look at the best looking guy in Singapore:

best looking guy in singapore


Do you think he’s good looking? I’ll leave that decision to the jury. Personally, I think looks are really subjective, but I know eye-candy when I see one. Heck, when Google says I’m handsome (when the image starts to rank), who am I to argue? If it’s on Google, it must be true!

Now, why am I doing this?

Just out of curiosity – since it’s basically Search Engine Optimization , or SEO for images. Likewise for videos, these are both underrated, and often neglected.

So yes, this is a TEST.

TBH, I’m not that thick skinned, haha.

If one must know though, my criteria for good looks (guys & girls apply):

  • Must look energetic and youthful (Good genes help!)
  • Genuinely helpful and caring (I find people like that radiate a certain sense of beauty)
  • Being confident of one’s look (But not overconfidence or proud)
  • Proper personal hygiene

There you have it. It’s more than just the outward appearance.

Agree / Disagree? Let me know! Read more about what I do at Adscelerate here.

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