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Are you overpaying your SEO company?

How Much Does SEO cost in Singapore

Depending on whether you are working with a freelancer, a consultant or an agency, they may charge you based on a variety of models.

  • Hourly SEO Rates may vary between $25-150 per hour.
  • Monthly SEO retainers averages between $800 – $5000 per month.
  • One-Off Optimizations may cost anywhere from $1000 onwards.

Honestly, there is a large disparity of pricing that SEO Companies are charging these days. How do we decide what is fair and what is not?

Let’s breakdown the actual costs of each component of an SEO project. Remember, these are all the key elements that any SEO company should do, so do benchmark your SEO provider to this list.

Everything that happens on your website:

Onpage SEO Optimization

  • Website Technical & Onpage Analysis (Starting $1500)
  • Keyword / Market Research & Competitor Analysis (Starting $1500)
  • Strategic Recommendations and Content Planning Implementation (Starting $1500)
  • Onpage Content Pages (Every 1000 words costs $80-$500 words)
    1. Good copywriting and article writers in Singapore will cost you easily $200-300 per article. If you’ll need to produce at least 5 articles for every service page you have, this will set you back $20,000 for a 20-page website.
    2. You should also at least maintain the website by having fresh content at least once a month.

Everything that happens outside of your website:

Offpage SEO Optimization

  • Citation building ($3-5 per citation)
  • Media Exposure and Press Releases ($100-$1000 per PR)
  • Guest Posting and Link Building ($60-$1000 per guest post)
  • Other Miscellaneous Link Building Efforts ($varies)

So how much does SEO really cost again? This will largely depend on the competitiveness of your industry.

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario for a month (let’s exclude all the necessary work that’s required on the website and consider offpage work only.)

  • Citation Building ($300 , $3 per citation)
  • 1 PR per month ($250) *PRweb charges $389 USD for their Premium Release*
  • 5 guest posts ($500 , $100 per guest post)

That would sum up to be: $1050 / month

Remember: This is a bare minimum of a proper SEO campaign that is somewhat on the less competitive industry. If your industry is more competitive, you’ll be looking into acquiring more citations, more PRs and more backlinks in month.

At this point, we’ve yet to factor in the time and expertise of the SEO consultant or agency for the planning, and working on the website itself.

Next time you get a quotation for anything less than $800 per month from an SEO company, you need to think really hard what kind of quality are you getting out of it. Cheap and Affordable SEO can be really dangerous, as the quality of content and links acquired can be TOXIC. That means that your website can and will be negatively impacted resulting in loss of business revenue and customers.

One can also acquire many cheap backlinks for $5 from Fiverr. (Please don’t do it, seriously.)

Fear Mongering? Not really.

Google Penalties are real and result in a REAL loss of business revenue, especially if your business is website dependent.

Google SEO Penalty

Don't Gamble With Your Business.

At Adscelerate Marketing, we don’t have a standard SEO pricing or package per se.

We’ll always audit your current business and where it stands with your competition before we can advice a pricing for a strategy tailored for your business.


A good ball park figure for a less competitive industry would be $800 per month, and a more competitive industry $1,600 – as a starting point.

We don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight.
or a Nuclear Missile to a shootout. (Well you could, if you want to.)

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