Multilingual SEO Services

Boost Sales By More Than 70%

Why Localization

Speak The Language

Let people understand you better

Go Global

Reach more people in more countries

Increased Growth

Get more visitors of different languages, increase your revenue

High Returns

One of the most cost effective way of expanding overseas.

Multilingual SEO Process

Phases of a Multilingual Search Optimization Campaign

Phase 1

Preliminary Website Audit

First, we will audit and make the necessary changes to make sure the website is properly optimized in it’s primary language.

This lays the foundation for the rest of the steps.

Phase 1

Phase 2


We’ll then translate all the website content, navigational menus and SEO metadata into their respective languages. Our translation team works with CAT computer aided translation, tapping on native speakers to ensure all translated content has all the nuances of the language right.

This is an IMPORTANT step to connect with the native language speakers and so INCREASE your website conversion rate.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Multilingual Website

Once the translated content is ready, we will incorporate translated content into the website. We’ll have a language switcher as well as the option to automatically switch language based on the users location, or their browser language. 97.5% of multilingual websites out there don’t have their language pages properly tagged. This means that multiingual websites are not signalling to Google and other search engines properly!

Once you do this, your website is instantly ahead of your competitors.

Phase 3

Phase 4

Country / Language Level SEO

Once we have everything laid out, we can start to work SEO on a country level. Google today shows results locally, so every country’s search engine shows different results. By having different languages and different pages to optimize, we can get better visibility in multiple languages and multiple languages.

Start going global today.

Phase 4

Engage Users in Their Language

Speak the right language to the right people. Increase your sales today.

Go International

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