Author name: Jonathan Ang

Jonathan is the Founder and Chief Adscelerator of Adscelerate Marketing. His background in performance-based marketing drives ROI-centric strategies. While he is well versed in all channels of Digital Marketing, his particular interest is in SEO.

5 Essentials Of SEO For Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for businesses gets more complicated each year as the search engines update their algorithms. The best SEO practices still focus on optimizing your site for faster, interactive, and relevant search results. Here are 5 essential of SEO for businesses to help you gain more business via organic search rankings: 1. Quality

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is seo still important

Is SEO still important in 2017?

If you spend any amount of time watching the news or reading it online, you begin to realize exactly how sensationalized everything is. The same is also true when reading any type of industry news. It is all about the headlines, getting people to read and perhaps even frightening people to the point where they

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